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Hong Kong Visa Office

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs of The PRC

7th Floor, Lower Block, 26 Harbor Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong

Tel: ++852-25851657 OR ++852-25851680 OR ++852-25851794

Hours of Operation:  Monday - Friday

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Teachers traveling to Hong Kong for mainland China visa service should read this information in full.  Z-visas are good for thirty days of entry and your school must complete the formal residence permit applications once you have received the visa within 30 days following your arrival back to the mainland. 

Teachers arriving to Hong Kong on L or F visas should mind that they depart mainland China before their current visa expires.  Failure to depart mainland China before your visa expires will result in fines needing to be paid to the border agents in the sum of 500 RMB per day up to a maximum of 5,000 RMB.  There is usually no reduction in this fee. 



Effective as of April 28, 2008, same day visa issuance in Hong Kong, either through an agent, or directly at the Visa Office, is no longer available. The MINIMUM turn-around period for all visas is now 24 hours.

Additionally, whereas the "F" visa had been previously available to businessman on sponsored trips to the PRC, the "F" visa, as of April 28, 2008, has been basically suspended in its entirety.

Expect to pay premium prices for visas during this time, whether it be through an agent or at the Visa Office itself.

August 01, 2007: the visa prices have changed for US Citizens.

Your Chinese Mainland China Mobile Phone will not work in Hong Kong.  You can buy temp HK SIMS at train stations and airport when you arrive.  Changing Money in HK - there are many people you will find on the street to exchange your money.  Avoid the risk of being given counterfeit money and exchange your money at kiosks or at banks that specialize in this service.  TravelEx can be found in most airports and train stations and you can usually use your domestic credit cards and debit cards in Honk Kong ATMs.


Check your passport:

You need to have visa pages available in your passport otherwise they will not issue the visa.  If you do not have any free visa pages in your passport you can contact the US Embassy at the information below. 


U.S consulate phone numbers to get new visa pages
Hong Kong office - 2841 - 2211
Guangzhou office - 8620 8518 7605

Visa Requirements:

It is a good idea to make a photocopy of your passport data page while they are processing your visa in Hong Kong.  Keep the photo copy with you at all times.   It is important to note that the Hong Kong visa office only accepts original invitation letters and documents.  THEY WILL NOT ACCEPT COPIES OF INVITATION LETTERS SO DO NOT EVEN TRY TO USE COPIES.


1.  Passport  (Original, and valid for at least six-months beyond your expected departure)

2.  SAFEA invitation document  (Original)         Click on link to view what document looks like.

3.  Government Invitation Document (Original)  Click on link to view what document looks like.

4.  Two Visa Size Photos  (2x2)

5.  Completed Visa Application Form with Photo Attached (Q1)


Planning your Hong Kong Trip

Lunch or Dinner is approximately 50 HKD/Per Meal, bottled water is 10 HKD.  Bring Chinese cigs, bottled water and snacks if your tight on cash.  Bars are VERY expensive..  Budget your money wisely. 

Places to Stay  (Google these places for updated information and rates.)

Mt David Youth Hostel over in HK Island, Victoria Road, Mt. Davis (Western District). Shuttle buses take you from the Shuntak Centre in Sheungwan to the guesthouse for free.  The Chinese Visa Office is a 15 minute tramride from there in WANCHAI. The tram costs 2 HK kuais a ride.
Dorm beds: 95, doubles: 240  *Best Choice*

No. 44-54, Nathan Rd., Chungking Mansions, a complex of high-rises next to the Holiday Inn hotel in Tsimshatsui. You can walk there from the Star Ferry Pier or the KCR terminus within 10 minutes.  Minimum privacy and maximum exposure to the international backpacker jetset.

Mirador Tower, a block north of the Chungking Mansions; guesthouses can be found from floor 3 on. The 3rd floor is an Indian-owned guesthouse that has dorm beds for HK 50 and doubles for 160 HKD.

1/F, Alpha House, Tsimshatsui in Kowloon, 27 Nathan Road, Tsimshatsui, Kowloon (Nathan rd. & Peking) very crowded and overrun by pickpockets and shysters of all nationalities.  Tel: 2315 7106 working hours: 09:00a.m.-17:00p.m. (Monday-Saturday)


Anne Black Guest House - YWCA, Is a more pricey option at $800 HKD Per night.  

5 Man Fuk Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong  Tel : (852) 2713 9211   http://hotel.ywca.org.hk/eng/AnneBlack/anne_location.htm




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